Quattroservices Ltd is one of the most international HVACEA contractors in Finland

We operate in the capital region of Finland and throughout Russia. Our clients in the Finnish market include many developers and major construction companies. In Russia, most of our projects are industrial. We also have experience in commercial buildings.

We are an engineer-driven contractor with a wide range of mechanical and electrical services. We are experienced in executing large projects and sites. Our network of partners and subcontractors gives us extra capacity and specialized know-how on sprinkler, cooling, telecommunication, data and security systems as well as other building automation installations. Our procuring department imports main equipment directly from vendors in Europe.

We pursue a quick and cost-effective implementation of our services, enabling our clients to receive the results in-time and in-budget. Our experience on tight schedules, flexible handling of change requirements, and continuous development of action significantly increase our competitiveness as a versatile, reliable and skillful realizer of demanding projects in the field of mechanical and electrical services.

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We provide the full range of mechanical and electrical services.


We can keep your systems running at their best.


Our processes are in compliance with quality system ISO-9002.


We are one of the most international HVACEA contractors in Finland.